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Gokcen Yuksek Art


In the past years I have worked in different industries such as Furniture design, Games, Animation, AR, VR, 3D printing, Fashion and Production.  


I currently work part time as a sculptor and game artist, and paint in the rest of my time.


I mainly work with oils on wood and canvas. The paintings inspired by abstract emotions, prespectives, dreams and nature, expressed through pop surreal style paintings of girls.

Work Experience

Painting Practice - Freelance 3D concept artist Pre-poduction (2015-present) :

Concept design, 3D Modeling, scultping.


B Bank Commercial  - designing and sculpting props for 3D printing - Model making. (helmets)   

Anchor Spreadable Commercial: 3D modeling - concept design.    

Black Mirror (2016 Netflix series) ; concept design, 3D modeling, scultping.   -Scultping for 3D printing assets.  -3D modeling, texturing for production.  - 3D concept designs -3D modeling for Matte painting  


Meerkat Movies -  Character sculpting - statue of Meerkat (Aleks)

Sports Interactive (2020 - present) :  Freelance 3D artist : Creating game visuals for 'Football Manager' 2020-2021

Tin Drum (2018 - 2019) :  Freelance 3D artist : Marina Abramovic: The Life exhibition - refining details in animated capture for

Augmented Reality exhibition.

LVMH (2017 - 2022) :  Freelance 3D artist/Sculptor Visualising concepts for Louis Vuitton perfume packaging; 3D models and

renders Sculpting for display items.

Microsoft HoloLens (Full time 2016-2017 / Freelance 2020) : 3D artist : Creating and designing 3D assets for HoloLens apps


MARC JACOBS (2018)  : Robert Crumb character sculpting for display

Alleycat Post Production (2017-2019)  : Freelance 3D artist : 3D stylized characters for animated Bank Commercial



MelodyVR (2017-2019) :  Senior 3D : artist Creating and designing 3D assets for VR app.



Luca&Sinem (2011-2017) : 3D artist - worked in short movies 'FIngers Tale', 'Brave Heart' and 'A pistol Against My Head'


Mindwork games  (2016 - 2017) :  Freelance Sculptor - 

Captain Flint- sculpting for 70mm Miniature printing  

Blade Angel - Sculpting for 50mm Miniature printing 
















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